At Grousevalley Springers we are committed to produce the finest English Springer Spaniels available. Our breeding program is to produce solid temperament and healthy puppies with the drive and desire to hunt for you. However, hunting season  only lasts for 3 months which gives you 24 days of weekend hunting (30 if you blow the odd day from work). That leaves you with 335 days of just hanging around so you should be looking for a dog that you and your family could live with and enjoy the whole year round. Our Springers make a welcome addition to any family.

Smokie and Breeze just hanging around


Gerry on a judging assignment in Ottawa

By being involved with Spaniel Field Trials through competition, Judging, and as a member of the Canadian Kennel Club Spaniel Council I have direct input as to where the Field Bred Springer Spaniel is headed. By such close connections and through my observations I know where Grousevalley's breeding program should be headed.
As well as the above mentioned my wife Sherry and I both sit on the board of directors of the Sudbury and District Kennel Club and myself being the Field Trial Chairman for our club Spaniel Field Trials.